World Photography Day 2018 Celebration

August 20, 2018

Photography Day

Happy World Photography Day. Keep Clicking. Keep Smiling. With the change in the era, the art of clicking pictures have changed tremendously. Today, photography is not just clicking good pictures, but clicking pictures with a funny filter, or a different background or better, a selfie.

What is your mode of clicking pictures? The soft click of the camera, a flash of light and a moment in time captured forever. Maybe digitally, maybe on film, the medium is never as important as the memory or moment caught. A group of people, a sunset, or even a fish jumping out of the water, a photograph is a way to feel the emotion and context of that exact moment. Celebrate that, on this picturesque Photography Day!

We present Photo Cakes you on this World Photography Day and Designer Cakes are also available at reasonable prices. Why not go out and snap a few pictures yourself? Find an older camera, and enjoy the feel, and look, of 35mm film. Walk around and snap some pictures to preserve the time in the photographic form. Photography contests can be a great way to learn digital photography.

Look for a contest that will provide you some feedback on your work. I am disappointed that so many photography contests today are mere “How many people view this photo” or contests that simply decide a winner without saying why the other photos were not chosen.  Having said that, there are still some great photo contests out there.  Find one and you’ll be on your way to excelling in the world of photography.

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